We run many projects throughout the year to benefit our school and the education of our children.  From fundraisers to orientations to the school carnival, it all happens through the PTA!  Get involved - join our PTA today.  
 Why should I join PTA? What do I get out of it? 

By becoming a PTA member, you are becoming more involved in your child's education. Studies show that children of involved parents do better in school. You also give yourself a voice and a vote on the way we conduct business. You let yourself be heard! You get to share your ideas and opinions with us! We sponsor events and fundraisers that both kids AND parents enjoy! Plus, PTA members receive discounts on car rentals, computers, hotels, Schlitterbahn, Sea World, insurance, electronics, airline flights, and more!


Does joining PTA mean I will be volunteered for a job? 

No, you absolutely do not have to volunteer to be a member. Membership allows you to vote on decisions about the way we spend the money we raise (which items we buy for the school). We certainly welcome all members the opportunity to share their talents, but it is absolutely not required. However, we always do need volunteers for the wonderful events we have for our students: Fall FunRun, Class Parties, Field Trips, Field Day & our Annual Blue Jay Festival! Without volunteers, these events won't happen. 


Why do we need to "fundraise"? 

OCE is a public school - doesn't the government pay for everything? You would think so! But no, that is NOT the case. OCE needs the PTA to pay for many things. We pay for things like school buses for field trips, the entrance fee for field trips, snow cones during Field Day, Teacher and Staff appreciation, landscaping, and so much more! We want to have fundraisers that parents & students support! So, please join the PTA and let your voice be heard. Oyster Creek is OUR school! Let's all get involved and help our students have a GREAT OCE experience! 

When are the General Meetings held?



How can I help? 

You can share your talents by helping out at an event or even planning the event! Whatever matches your desire level and time schedule. We are all very busy with our lives, but even 3 hours per school year would help tremendously! Please contact anyone on the Executive PTA Board. We'll be happy to match you with a position that fits your needs.