V.I.P.S. = Volunteers In Public Schools 
Thank you for volunteering in our school!  On this page you will find our list of volunteer events.   Go to any volunteer event and click where you want to volunteer.  There is also a Volunteer Hour submission form under Volunteer Information for tracking your at-home volunteer hours.
here are some rules and guidelines set forth by FBISD for all volunteers

New to VIPS?

If you are new to the world volunteering you’re in for a real treat.  Not only will you get to help your child’s campus, you’ll also meet some wonderful friends and have fun in the process.  Our volunteer family is what makes our school so successful, providing additional support to staff and faculty so teachers can spend their time teaching!  Every FBISD campus requires volunteers to sign up.  Although each has its own procedure for doing so, all campuses follow district guidelines.  If you want to learn about volunteer opportunities at your campus, please contact your campus VIPS Volunteer Coordinator at mailto:ocevips@gmail.com